The Village: Golf Carts, Water and Boats

Kayak on a dock with reflection in the water. .

The golf cart is the preferred method of travel in the Village, and the carts are legal on Shell Point streets.The quiet roads welcome walkers, bicyclists and dogs on leashes. Of course, cleaning up after your dog is a must. The beach is an easy walk away to beachcomb and watch the wildlife. Sunset at the beach is a visual pleasure, with a changing scene each evening and a favorite of photographers in all seasons. Meet your friends at the beach as the sun sets over the horizon to savor the day together.

In the ways of bygone days, Paradise Village drifts to its own ever present tidal beat. Retirees, working families, weekenders and folks on vacation share the community space and enjoy the waterfront beauty of the area.

If you are a fisherman, you will be delighted with the variety of fish to be caught and the ways to do it. Cast a net off the seawall over a flashing school of mullet and your dinner is almost ready to fry. Head to Apalachee Bay and the Gulf of Mexico to find other elusive but plentiful fish.

Decide which boat you have in mind for your dock and you can find it, new or used, in the area. The floating docks of the Village are home to a variety of craft -- sailboats, motorboats, kayaks, canoes and rowboats. The closest boat ramp is the Wakulla County one across from Shell Point Beach. Friends in the Village can introduce you to area fishing so you can learn new skills and share what you already know. lists many resources for fishing and boating in the area.

The canals of the Village are tidal and local knowledge is needed to learn the way to get to the traditionally marked channel off the beach and out to deeper water. Some shoaling is not unusual -- oyster bars and shallow areas, exposed at lower tides -- lurk just below the surface even at higher tides. Walking the beach at low tide will give you a good view of the quirky nature of the channels, oyster bars, grassy banks and sandbars!

Sailors and windsurfers alike are drawn to Apalachee Bay because of the perfect sea breezes. Day sail with friends or join the yacht club to race, cruise and socialize. From 12 foot Puffers to yachts, from beginners to the saltiest skippers, sailing brings peace or a racer's skills to the sport. Shell Point is the home of Apalachee Bay Yacht Club with club house and pool on the northern-most canal adjacent to Marsh Harbor Marina. ABYC maintains its own website with maps, photos, and weather links:

The shallow beach is favored by windsurfers with the Shell Point Sailboard Club headquartered at the beach and found online at